40mm Headphone Drivers (HPD-40N16PET00-32)

40mm Headphone Drivers (HPD-40N16PET00-32)

40mm Headphone Drivers (HPD-40N16PET00-32)

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*Ships in early 2022. Thanks for all the support, enjoy a discount while we work to restock both 40mm and 50mm drivers!*

One pair of 40mm Peerless by Tymphany (HPD-40N16PET00-32) drivers for your head(amame) build.

Each driver is carefully mounted in its protective driver mount and has the leads pre-soldered to reduce the risk of damage when installing.

Pairs of driver are impedance-matched so the drivers have the same volume in both ears, something not guaranteed unless they're ordered in bulk and tested.

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