Black Friday (re)Stocking Sale

Entire store 15% off until Dec 1

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We should start this post off with a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has built a set of head(amame) so far... Thanks to all of you, we used up every Peerless by Tymphany headphone driver in North America!

Our current estimate is to have stock in the first quarter of 2022. Since this is a wide delivery window, we are testing other driver options to find a replacement we are proud to put in the head(amame). If we do find a suitable replacement, anyone with outstanding orders will get the option to change free of charge. With a bit of luck, we can find something that sounds great and ships way sooner.

With all of these supply challenges, we wanted to show our appreciation for all the support (and participate in the BFCM madness) by discounting the store by 15% until Dec 1st. Everything except drivers are in stock, so if you are helping a friend with a build, or need parts for the next one, go nuts!

Patreon member's 10% discount stacks with the store promotion! If that's something you're into (and maybe some Patreon exclusive print files and other goodies) you can find our Patreon at the LINK HERE.

If you are wondering what we are going to be doing over the winter, sign up for our upcoming newsletter at the link below. We'll send out an update next week after the Black Friday email blasts have calmed down.

Happy Holidays everyone, we cant wait to show you what else we have in the works.

Morgan and John